Danio or Devario and
Why Not Brachydanios?

The species name Brachydanio was declared invalid by Fang Fang of the Swedish Natural History Institution mainly because it was never properly described in the first place. Originally, Weber & de Beaufort proposed the genus Brachydanio as a sub genus of Danio. This was to cover fishes that had seven branched dorsal rays and an incomplete or absent lateral line. Danio was then left for fish having twelve to sixteen branched dorsal rays and a complete lateral line. Hora and Myers, elevated Brachydanio to full generic status with information that was available to them at the time. The Smithsonian Institution book "The Freshwater Fishes of Siam or Thailand" published in 1945 indicates that a clear distinction between the two genera cannot be made just taking the above parameters. The research work of Dr Fang Kullander clarified the situation and it was she who proposed the erection of the genus Devario. Putting it VERY simply, fish of the genus Devario, have rudimentary or no barbels and have vertical (or near) bars along the sides. Danios have barbels and have horizontal stripes or have spots. The only exception to this at the present time, is Danio choprae. The exact status of this species is still pending further research work so for the time being, it remains in the genus Danio.