Devario chrysotaeniatus

Devario chrysotaeniatus Chu. 1981
Scientific Name:Devario chrysotaeniatus
Origin:Found in the Upper Mekong: China and Laos. Also found in the Chiang Mai area of Thiland which is where the current examples were caught. (Oct 2005).
Size:Probably grows to around 75mm S.L.
Comments:It is probably that only because of the surge in interest in more Danionins, that this species has suddenly become available. This species has two pairs of short barbels. The number of gold dots along the lateral line can vary. Note the presence of the dark cleithral spot just behind the operculum. This species probably prefers cooler aquarium conditions as the Chiang Mai area is a mountainous region.
A detailed account of the breeding of this species can be found on the Strood and District Aquarist Society web site