Danio jayarami

Danio jayarami Barman 1984
Scientific Name:Danio jayarami
Size:Probably grows to around 40mm S.L.
Comments:When these fish first came into the UK, they were named as Inlecypris jayarami. It would appear that this was incorrect and it should have been Danio jayarami. In my opinion, at some stage, this species will again be re classified and placed in the Devario genus. It is of similar shape to Devario acuticephala and sondhii and like the Devarios does not have barbels. This species was first bred by the author in July 2007. They proved to be somewhat more difficult to raise than most Danionins. I initially found that most days a few fry would die. I used my standard techniques of a small water change each day after 7 to 10 days after free swimming. Eventually, they settled down and I was able to raise fifty or so to adults.