Microdevario kubotai

Microdevario kubotai Kottelat & Witte 1999
Scientific Name:Microdevario kubotai
Size:Grows to no more than 20mm TL
Comments:This small Microdevario is well suited to a small, well planted aquarium. It has a green / yellow body with clear fins. It is easily spawned and the fry present no particular problems in being raised. Best kept in a small shoal of ten or more.
In their 2008 paper (1) Fang Fang et al erected the new genus Microdevario. This resulted in three of the existing Microrasboras being renamed. These were Microdevario gatesii, M, kubotai and M. nana. Microrasbora rubescens and microphthalma remain in the Microrasbora genus.

(1) Molecular phylogenetic interrelationships of the south Asian cyprinid genera Danio, Devario and Microrasbora. (Teleostei, Cyprinidae, Danioninae) Zoologica Scripta 2009.