Danio rerio

Danio rerio Hamilton 1822
Common Name:Zebra Danio
Scientific Name:Danio rerio
Size:45mm (1¾ inches). S.L.
Comments:This is probably the most common Danio available. Best kept in a shoal of at least six fish, they are always swimming looking for food. Usually accepted as the easiest egg laying fish to spawn. There is also a spotted variety available which is generally accepted to be a "man made" or alternatively a colour morph (variation) fish known as Danio (Brachydanio) frankei or Leopard Danio. No evidence has been found that this fish exists in the wild. Long finned varieties of both the Zebra and the Leopard Danios are also freely available, with semi albino "gold" zebra Danios commonly bred.

In the last couple of years, the Zebra danio has been genetically modified to produce a so called 'Glo Fish'. This fish is predominantly red in colour and under black light (UV), it glows. Yorktown Technologies in the USA have patented the process whereby a gene from a coral is inserted into the genetic make up of the Danio. It should be quite clearly understood that the sale of genetically modified fish is totally illegal throughout the whole of the EU. Pictures of the fish are attached courtesy of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine.