Devario assamensis

Devario assamensis
Common Name:Devario sp. Super Red or Mirik red.
Scientific Name:Devario assamensis
Origin:This species has recently been found in the vicinity of Lake Mirik which is in Bengal near the Nepalese border. It is also found in other areas of Assam
Size:Probably grows to at least 110mm S.L.
Comments:This photo, taken shortly after catching the fish, does not do the colours true justice. The P+ & P- stripes should all be bright red. With the exception of the Dorsal fin, all fins have a distinct red colouration. Probably does best in cooler water - 18 to 20°C. When these fish were caught, the air temp was below zero. (Jan 2006). Mirik is at an elevation of around 4,500 feet.
This species was first bred in the UK by Paul Rowntree on the 13th May 2006. The author spawned them at the end of May 2006.